My First Yogathon in Bali – a Photo Essay

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For those of you with absolutely no interest in yoga, I apologize.  I promise to return to drinking, food, and expat living soon enough.  It just happens that a lot of yoga stuff was going on in Bali, which leaves me to a mess of yoga themed blog posts.  Apologies.  

With that disclaimer, I never expected that I would attend a yogathon in Bali.  In fact, I had no idea there was such a thing as a yogathon, but apparently there is.  I had no plans to attend.  It was not something I looked forward to.  Nonetheless, stars aligned and I found myself catching a ride south, to Canggu, for my first Yogathon at Desa Seni.

The Yogathon in Bali is an annual event, and an unofficial kickoff for the BaliSpirit Festival, a 5 day yoga, music, and dance event in Ubud.  The Yogathon, though, is a chance to raise money for a charity, while offering two studios of yoga, all day long.  Sixty minute classes, back to back, from 8 am until 6 pm.  

I arrived just before 10 am and jumped in full bore, taking three classes back to back, with Simon Low, Emily Kuser, and then Eion Finn.  By 1pm I was hot, sweaty, dirty, and exhausted, even after feeling the High Vibes with Emily and the Blissology with Eion.  I attempted one more class at 2, but just wasn’t feeling it.  Instead, I snuck in a shower and a cool down. 

One of my good friends, Les Leventhal, was teaching at 3 and I knew I did not have it in me for one of his high energy classes.  So, I asked if I could photograph his class.  

I know my photography skills are far from professional, but I thought it would be fun to try to photograph a group of yogis, moving through a sequence, in a very tightly packed space.  If you ever wondered what a yoga class in Bali looks like, here’s your chance.



  1. Amber — these are beautiful pictures! I am jealous — 2 days of yoga sounds great!

  2. You have to come to Ubud, Sonja, it is so perfect for you!


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